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Rune Wristbands- using Viking runes you can have your name, moto or anything you want on these- maximum 9 runes without spaces.


Note- supplied with sam brown stud for easy removing and putting on, we leave you to make to last hole and attach thisso you can get a perfect fit (needs a hole punch or awl).

Tooled design, these are tooled by hand and we can use any suitable design as a basis. Some popular designs are kept in stock so worth checking. Otherwise allow at least 1 week from ordering.


Belt Pouches- Medieval Style

These pouches can be tooled with your own custom sign, sigil or symbol.

Also available with glowing rune panels (see image left)  available in a rnge of colours (£25 extra, additional colour units £2.50 each).

100% hand stitched and hand tooled. £80 ea