Basic Sailors/ Pirate Kit- 1700-1730

Calico Trousers with Button Fly, these can be a wide fit or close (but should not be tight), illustrations often indicate a shorter finish than modern fashion but the choice is yours! These are machine stitched on the inside seams for strength and hand-finished. 

Small- Lg £45

Ex lg sizes will cost more.

Also available in canvas- harder wearing and very comfy! £5 extra

These are made to order so please allow time when ordering!

Linen Shirts- £25

Calico Shirts- £20


Clothing also available 100% hand stitched POA


Used from English Civil War onwards these were highly effective anti-personnel weapons. These are steel hollow spheres fitted with a wooden plug and fuse.  



£5.50 each

Horn Mugs- lg approx 1 1/2pts


Horn Spoons- approx. 6"  £5 each

Sewing Kit

Includes:- Scissors, linen thread, needle and pins, wooden reels x5, beeswax, wooden needle case and box- choose from hinged box or slide top box (slide top box in dark or light colour).




Nice, simple scissors, drop hammer forged and razor sharp.


Pewter Spoons Med.

A more elegant, smaller spoon


£5 each


Available rusty or 'new' sturdy fully functional padlocks each with 2 keys.


£8 each

Potion Sets-

Includes hinge top box  and 2x (2 inch high) glass potion bottles with vellum labels (can have written labels at no extra cost). 

£6 each

Brass Acorn

Since ancient times a symbol of good luck these are beautiful pendants.

£5 each

Antler Handled Awls

Ideal for leather work and other tasks.

Come large or small also small curved

£3.50 each

Handmade bone dice £3 each

Cudgels £9

Studded Cudgels £20


Handy for 'less classy' characters these are hand turned by our bodger from green ash

Gold Viking Ship Pendant (plated)