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'The Wandering Shops or "tabernae vagantes" are exactly the kind you get in those "Lies-To-Children", called Fairy Stories.

Certain constants apply to these shops. They carry exactly what the person is looking for, even if they aren't looking for anything particular; Out of all the myriad items, most of which are broken, the most powerful and mystical one will be the most ordinary looking, and the most affordable; and the shop owner will be older than mud, but sharper than flint.

These shops will appear in rarely travelled side streets, and will look as though they have been there forever. The next time the customers return (often to return the purchased items) the shop will be gone, the space it occupied looking as though it has been that way forever as well.'


T. Pratchett

Hi there, HONEST JIM'S WANDER IN SHOP is an authentic trading setup designed to fit in with your living history area. As well as trading I can offer detailed and entertaining talks and demonstrations from basic leatherworking, how pirate treasure coins were made (including 'strike your own piece of eight'), small arms (handguns) and cannon firing demonstrations and Battlefield Pyrotechnics through to organising whole events! 

Events:- I currently organize the Ship Battle at the Brixham Pirate Festival, the battles at South Wales Pirate Festival as well as all of the Re-enactors at the Isle of Wight 'Shipwreck Isle' Festival.

Brixham Skirmish Clip

I also provide the demonstration team for the Lenox Project.

If you want quality pirate performers then look no furthur! I can draw up and prepare risk assessments and SOW for your event.